Over 15 years experience in emerging markets with recent focus and success in sustainable agriculture. David eats moringa, drinks moringa, and dreams about moringa on a daily basis. His skin has changed to a 'grasshopper' bright green.

David Clifton

Managing Director & Founder

'BK' a Khmer national, is an international horticulture specialist having studied in California, South Africa, Thailand, and Singapore. He brings global expertise to his home country where he educates, trains, and offers a fresh perspective to the agriculture sector throughout the Kingdom.

Bunika San

Farm Operations Manager

'Mother Moringa' is the passion and the vision behind Big Leaf Farms. Joy aims to positively impact peoples lives through nutrition, nurturing, and providing opportunity.

Joy Clifton

Director & Founder

'Dr. Moringa' is a world leader in moringa research and cultivation techniques. He pioneered growing methods to ensure maximum productivity and nutrient retention in the leaf.

Nikolaus Foidl

Senior Moringa Scientist